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Ennovate Technologies’ has a server based, multifunction interactive e-learning portal that is fully customized to our client’s requirements. We enable both our clients and their customers to benefit from the advantages of having highly trained employees. A better-trained sales force means increased profits for the Corporate. Better-trained customer service personnel, means happier customers- happier customers buy more products/services, which leads to increased profits for your organization, yet again.

Ennovate Technologies will enhance your organization’s training program by implementing a more robust Interactive e-learning network infrastructure. Ennovate Technologies’ approach will deliver an e-learning solution infrastructure that addresses not only your immediate training challenges, but built to handle future changes or problems as well.

Some of its features include

  • High scalability
  • Access via standard Internet browsers
  • Active Directory controlled
  • Database controlled/Integrated
  • Access on mobile devices
  • Email notification
  • Open documented SP API

Adherence to Industry Standards

Ennovate Technologies LMS is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant.

Collaborative Content Management

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows all users to upload training materials in varied formats in addition to an internal messaging system and forums.

Self Service Features

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows users to determine the pace of their trainings on their curriculum; self-enroll and complete their assessments amongst many others.

Flexible Training Assessments

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows the Administrator to manage traffic on the platform based on the LMS dynamic nature as used in forward scheduling.

Training Content Management

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows the Administrator to monitor all activities performed on the platform and deliver descriptive reports on application activity. An online poll for feedback management is also available.


Ennovate Technologies LMS enables the System Administrator register users, define groups and assign courses based on roles/grade. The platform also has a user friendly, interactive control panel for administrator.

Training Document Management

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows all users with upload rights to upload training materials in varied formats in addition to an internal messaging system and forums.

Training Calendar Management

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows the option to upload and manage the role-driven training curriculum for each financial year with the flexibility to have individual departments and staff review their specific training curriculum.

Inbuilt Reporting Module

Ennovate Technologies LMS has a robust reporting engine featuring varied standard and customized reports such as course, user, system, admin reports etc.

Modular Application Design

Ennovate Technologies LMS is designed using component based architecture allowing components to be replaced without breaking the system within which the component operates.

Intrinsic Interoperability with Microsoft Platforms

Ennovate Technologies LMS was built on the architectural platform to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and other Microsoft Exchange for authentication and communication. Currently, Ennovate Technologies LMS can be integrated with your company’s Active Directory and Exchange Server for authentication of all users on the platform.


Ennovate Technologies LMS is accessible on recent versions of all web browsers. Also, Ennovate Technologies LMS can be accessed over the World Wide Web foe convenience of training.

Device Independent

Ennovate Technologies LMS can be accessed over various devices such as: tablets, mobile devices, laptops, notebooks and net books.

Data Security

Ennovate Technologies LMS uses multiple security libraries such as Zend and AMF to prevent injection attacks, session sandboxes and tar pits to ensure user access control.


  • Quiz Categories
  • Question Categories
  • Quiz usage user Reports
  • Print or email your results
  • Create your own Grades Scale and connect it to any Quiz
  • Ability to set quiz pass mark
  • Shared Question Pool to share the questions between courses and teachers
  • Question Pool possibility inside the course
  • Different question types
  • Attempts with the advanced time options

Communication Requirements

Ennovate Technologies LMS uses minimum bandwidth and latency required on networks.

Customer service and technical assistance

Ennovate Technologies provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical assistance for the duration of the contract.


The ability to interface easily with other management applications- Ennovate Technologies LMS system has an API component which provides API web services via REST or SOAP protocols

Offline Capability

Training classes and materials can be downloaded and reviewed off line without being connected to your network or the internet

Instructor Led Courses and Webinars

The training module of Ennovate Technologies’ LMS provides management of Instructor-Led classroom sessions, including announcements for classroom training, time and venue, and hosting training documents. This module is divided into past and future events allowing staff to review documents from previously completed training sessions

Digital Library

Ennovate Technologies LMS allows files and documents to be uploaded, organized and shared by all users

Users and Group Management

  • Group permission course levels
  • Self enrolment
  • Email notification about the course enrolment
  • User Group Rooms including Course Tools
  • User Attendance control

Course Management features

  • Course creation
  • Course assignment
  • Course import and export
  • Course list
  • Publishing period
  • Course category multi level tree structure

Non SCORM Document types

  • Upload zipped files
  • Upload Office files e.g Ms word, PowerPoint
  • Upload PDF files
  • Create Links for any document
  • Read and edit documents in web browser
  • Shared Document Library for any course


  • Private/group chats
  • In-course Chat and forum communication
  • Notifications (immediate / summary)

Support Features

  • Online Help and Glossary
  • FAQ
  • Video tutorials

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