Human Resource System


Ennovate WorkPlace is a seamless, effective and efficient web application developed specificallyfor the Human Resources Department of an organization which helps in the management of data and information of aspiring applicants and that of existing employees of the organization.

Ennovate WorkPlace is an end to end HR application that can be both internal and external facing.

“Human Resources” is that special function of management which has the prime Responsibility for the following:

  • Formulating, proposing and gaining acceptance for the personnel policies and Strategies of the organization.
  • Advising and guiding the organization’s managers on the implementation of Personnel policies and strategies.
  • Providing adequate personnel services for the organization to enable it to recruit, Motivate and develop sufficient and suitable employers at all levels.
  • Advising the organization’s managers of the human consequences of change.

“Human Resources” at its best contributes to the growth and development of an Organization. This is greatly determined by the level of decision made based on processed data of the employees and various activities of the Personnel department. Management of employees’ data demands accurate and timely efficiency. The manual medium of data processing is known to be prone to errors, time wastage and often fraudulent oriented. Hence, the need for an organization to electronically manage its data through the use of computers and effective software.

Some of its features include

  • Tracking employees’ details records.
  • Tracking employees’ dependent’s records.
  • Handling Leave Management.
  • Employees learning and training process.
  • Processing of employees’ appraisal and performance.
  • Recording of employees’ promotion.
  • Handling of employees’ achievement.
  • Management of Queries given to employees.
  • Tracking of warnings to employees.
  • Handling of employees’ exiting (e.g. dismissal, retirement and resignation).
  • Documentation of employees’ medical information.
  • Management of employees’ loans.
  • Tracking of Special Deductions
  • Processing of employees’ Payroll and Pay slip.
  • Tracking of employees’ Exit [dismissal, retirement and resignation].
  • Intelligent Search functionality
  • Self service across modules
  • Internal Opinion poll
  • Suggestion, Commendation and Complaints Module
  • Dynamic Employees’ birthday Notification
  • Audit trailing
  • Summary and Detailed report [Visual & Prints] generation
  • Providing Bulk Short Messages Services [SMS]

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